Wayside Baptist Church is committed to worshiping God in Spirit and in truth. 

Here at Wayside, we love all styles of music, as long as they are about Jesus. Our worship service typically sings Hymns but our choir is always learning new praise and worship songs. We also typically have a special music performance every Sunday. This ranges from a congregational hymn, an instrumental, or a soloist singer. These special music performances have a vast array of styles. We encourage anyone involved in our music program to ask the following questions before performing:

1. Does what I am singing bring the honor and glory to God that He so truly deserves?

2. Does what I am singing stand up to the scrutiny of God’s holy, infallable inerrant Word?

The answer to these two questions should always be yes. While we need to be careful about deriving our theology from music, we must always make sure our music derives its theology from God’s Word.